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Celebrating Over 3 Decades of Travel in Southern Africa

Since our inception in 1983, Egoli has stood as a symbol of pride and excellence in South African travel. As a business that has thrived under owner-operated leadership from the very beginning, we’ve grown alongside the nation’s remarkable journey.

Founded by Heidi Brown in Johannesburg, Egoli has been a witness and participant in pivotal moments of history, from the end of apartheid to the emergence of the Rainbow Nation. Our evolution mirrors the transformation of the travel industry, adapting from handling bookings by post and phone to embracing “modern technologies” like the fax machine and now running completely digital with integrated online booking systems.

Our contributions to tourism in Southern Africa are a testament to our pioneering spirit. From helping open up travel in the Okavango Delta to initiating scheduled bus tours in South Africa, we’ve been at the forefront of showcasing the region’s marvels.

Resilience is in our DNA. We’ve navigated through challenging times, whether economic downturns, natural disruptions, or global health crises. Each hurdle has only strengthened our resolve, thanks to our commitment to innovation and working honestly with our long term partners. As we gear up for the next 40 years, we reflect on a journey marked by passion and purpose.

We’ve cherished every step so far, and will continue to deliver the best in travel. Join us as we continue to explore and celebrate the wonders of Southern Africa.

Why Us

We Put the Travel Experience First and Help you Create Memorable Experiences

Local Expertise with Global Standards

In-depth local knowledge and adherence to international service quality. We have a long history and specialization in crafting unique travel experiences.

Full Service Partner

Providing all services for travel to southern Africa including: accommodation, all forms of transport, activities, restaurant suggestions and bookings. All aspects of travel are handled by us - a one-stop solution.

Specialized Travel Experiences

We specialise in showcasing our expertise in arranging travel for various occasions including group tours, honeymoons & destination weddings, family trips, incentive tours and special events.


We are a proud founding member of the Travel Smart Crew. 14 inbound, owner-managed DMC travel specialists work with suppliers that share our visions and values.

Trust & Safety

We provide comprehensive Traveler Support: ensuring round-the-clock assistance and dedicated support from inquiry to departure. We provide payment solutions with trusted partners.

Integrated Booking

We combine the experience of our multilingual consultants with the best in travel technology in order to provide personalised and fast booking support.

Your Gateway to the Best of Southern Africa

Since 1983, Egoli has been a leader in South African travel, evolving alongside our nation’s history. We take pride in our local expertise and global service standards, crafting unique, personalized journeys. Specializing in diverse travel experiences, we cater to everything from family adventures to corporate events. Our commitment to trust and safety is unwavering, offering 24/7 support and secure payment solutions.

As a full-service partner, we handle all aspects of travel, from accommodations and transportation to activities and dining. Our status as a founding member of the Travel Smart Crew underscores our dedication to quality and ethical practices. Integrating experienced, multilingual consultants with advanced booking technology, we guarantee efficient, personalized service. Join us on a journey through the wonders of Southern Africa, where every step is an adventure.

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