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Botswana, a country known for peacefulness and tranquility, diamonds and beef, holds a lot of surprises. It is a land of diverse beauty and is ideally located in the heart of Southern Africa. Botswana is a land of contrasts, with busy urban centers and tranquil rural villages -  to the most remote and undisturbed indigenous life of the San people. Come and explore the diverse cultures and nature at its best.

Botswana is one of the few remaining destinations in Africa that still provides that nostalgic flair of adventurous safaris. Its expansive game parks and reserves are still largely unspoilt and untamed, with diverse and abundant wildlife.

The Chobe National Park is probably Botswana's most famous conservation area. The Park is known for its high concentration of elephants. About 120 000 of these majestic mammals, along with good numbers of buffalo, antelope and predators live here. Birding is also excellent, with many migrants visiting between November and March.

The Okavango Delta in the north-western corner of this mostly dry country is the largest inland delta in the world, covering some 16,000 square kilometers. The Delta has an astounding bird and reptile life, will thrill any plant and nature enthusiast and with a little bit of luck you may see a hippo taking a dip or even some of the few 'big ones' roaming the Delta's island: elefants, lions and even leopards.

Almost the entire remaining part of the country is part of the Kalahari Desert, a varied biotope of sand, savanna and grassland. This area of Botswana is only sparsely inhabited by humans and thus one of the purest and richest in wildlife in all of Africa.